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Personalized Care

At Cira Lactation Consulting Services we realize that no two mothers, babies, families, or situations are alike.  That means that no two breasfeeding journeys are the same.  We work with you to assess your circumstances and develop a personalized plan of care that works for you.


Focused Care

Based on our pre-concieved notions and past experiences, we all have expectations and concerns that exhibit themselves when we breastfeed.  Anxiety about breastfeeding is real.  We will help you work towards your individual goals.  We will assist you to stay calm by giving you the knowledge and tools you need to deal with problems as they arise. 

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Non-Judgemental Care

At Cira Lactation Consulting Services we strive to recognize that mothers, babies, and families come in all kinds of packaging.  We want to assure you that no matter the packaging, we make it our mission not to judge you on your gender, ethnicity, religion, social economic background, or your breastfeeding choices.

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